Verde Products

Our products are not tested on animals, the ingredients are well-established and when we formulated our products in 1987, the ingredients were not tested on animals. VERDE products aim to contribute toward maintenance and restoration of inner well-being, vibrant health and outer radiance.

This highly effective range of Pure Plant Preparations accords with an essential philosophy. We provide the beneficial properties of plants to the consumer with maximum effect at an affordable cost.

Each product is created with plant ingredients, totally avoiding artificial fragrances. We combine the best possible formulations for the particular function of the preparation using only biodegradable ingredients for minimal environmental impact.

We completely avoid any involvement at all with animal testing in the provision of any single preparation. Our range is vegan - apart from a few preparations that use Beeswax - extracted without harm to the bees.

We only use raw materials that were not available on the market prior to 1998, if they have not been tested on animals.

In order to comply with the law, we must ensure that products are micro biologically safe, therefore only products with a high content of botanical extracts 

may contain minute amounts of food Grade Nature Identical preservatives within the preservative system.

Currently Companies may label their products ‘preservative free, but please be aware that if a product comes a shelf life of 2 years, somewhere in the products the preservative will be hidden: alcohol is one of the most frequently used.

The most common microbes to infect personal care product, are: bacteria, fungi, yeast, moulds, and the importance of keeping products free of microbes must not be underestimate.

VERDE was created from decades of study, work and research into the properties and uses of botanical extracts, flowers, roots, barks, seeds, leaves and fruit rinds which yield a myriad of benefits, fragrances and uses that accord with our health and beauty to rejuvenate, nourish, support and maintain our well-being. This effective range of Pure Plant Preparations formulates and blends organic essential oils, hydrosols, phytols, mineral rich clays, marine plants, natural waxes and pure vegetable oils into a potent range of balms, moisturisers, bath time milks, colognes and gels.


The Founder - Ruby Cook

Ruby started making liquorice extract and cough sweets when she was twelve years old; her passion for plant medicine grew when she went to the USA. Studying Native American Indian plant medicine she made ointments and herbal extracts. Studying at the Botanical Institute in New York furthered her interest in plant energies and preparations. On her return to London she contibued to make a varied range of her own creams, lotions and ointments for repeat customers.

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