We all need some help in the difficult times

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We are all aware of the stressful time we are living through right now. Verde has been producing various products that help in times of worry , stress and anxiety. 

These are the most requested and popular products with our customers;


Valerian complex - a blend made with passiflora, valerian and scullcap herbs for feelings of tension, anxiety, fretfulness, worry and exhaustion. it helps relax mind and body whilst reviving the nervous system. good for insomnia assisting restful sleep without any "narcotic" hangover.

Rush slowly - to help balance the feelings of being overwhelmed, rushed and driven. also physical and emotional tension with accompanying apprehension, stress and over thinking

Peace solution - to help balance feelings of fear, apprehension, "butterflys", inner suffering, emotionally overwhelmed causing physical tension, anxiety and sensations of fear.

Free flow - to help dispel feelings of resentment, impatience, frustration, anger and physical tension. useful after arguments and conflicts. good to keep in the car!

Light and shadow - fantastic for exhaustion, not seeing the point, emotional struggle, unenthusiastic and stuck in a rut.

All available in the natural solutions range

From the bath range:

high anxiety bath milk - to help after a really hard day. it's uplifting and physically relaxing.

shock absorber foaming bath cream - for small tremors or emotional earthquakes.

We hope some of these will help you through


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