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What an absolutely magnificent morning, as I cycled beside through the common on my way to tooting bec lido the early morning mist was opaque with glorious sunshine filtering through the warm vibrant air,a chorus of probably confused birds singing joyfully.


Plunging into the sublime blue waters of the lido,the temperature I would not describe as cold , but more like an exquisite sensation Of tingling energy cool blue infused with indian summer sunshine, absolutely refreshing!
I am always being stopped with enquiries of " what is that gorgeous smell," or" where did you get that lovely shower gel" and "there is always a trial of wonderful fragrance that follows you"!

I feel very fortunate that for the past thirty six years I have had the privilege of working with these miracles of nature, in the form of Herbs Flowers Roots Barks and the essential oils that are extracted from them, natural alchemy with all the energy of the elements involved , to produce these essences And vital substances.
Aromatic plants have been used in many different cultures, as long ago as 4000 years(a big subject I will write more about another time)
My daughter was brought into the world surrounded by the sweet calming fragrances of Jasmine,Lavender,Camomile Clary Sage,Rose and Orange blossom.

My belief is that as adults these fragrant first memories can evoke the deep feelings of bonding ,journeying,survival and sweet comfort .  The mother and baby range was also borne at this time  over twenty years ago , and many babies have had this fragrant experience ,the baby balm is a labour of love as it takes hours to make infused with beautiful Herbs and essential oils, Its pale green/blue hue is attributed to the chamazulene a component of camomile that is known for its soothing healing properties ,used by customers for cradle cap, nappy rash preventative and treatment, it can also be used anywhere on the face and body good in winter as a protective balm (adults also use it).

That's all for today, more to come Hope life is sweet and challenges few!


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