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What a Joy to wake to the sound of the Blackbird singing in the garden this morning , daffodils are coming out and despite the odd cold day spring definitely feels like its nearly here .


I have started my yoga practice in ernest this week with a class( I usually do it alone) Doing a class makes me work a bit harder, and extend my practice , consequently next day I could feel my muscles "singing"well "groaning" would be more accurate ! so had a hot bath with Mobility Bath Milk , followed by Mobility Gel , that sorted out my post exercise aches and  renewed my flexibility, thanks to the help of some WONDERFUL plants , ARNICA FLOWERS, GINGER ROOT, JUNIPER BERRIES ,ROSEMARY to name a few .

My neighbour cycles nine miles to work,  applies Mobility Gel  to his knees and swears it makes a huge difference ,
A friend who loves her tennis tells me it works wonders ,as does my dear mother in law who bakes dozens of cakes a week( at 82 yrs) for the W. I. !


"The soothing effects lasted the longest Of all the products I tested, I found it very refreshing on tired feet and joints after running"9/10 .
Every little helps in these days of stress and uncertainty, and for me there is nothing like  the comforts and delights that small effective products can bring, as well as a sense of delicious calm,  uplifting fragrance can transport us into sweet summer meadows .


Peace and love ,  Ruby

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