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Rain Rain go away come again another day, as I used to chant as a child , however some and one of the most beautiful benefits of the drizzle/downpours in London is that it makes the air so much fresher, the fragrances of the earth seem to exhale a fabulous bouquet of combined green, mossy, herbal, woody, coniferous peppery sweet scent , which my nose interprets as countryside !


(I must qualify this elaborate description, this experience is near a green space and NOT central London!)

The most beautiful fragrance that's been hanging in the air on my walk to the Lido is the fabulous Linden blossom also know as lime flower (though not the citrus fruit)as well as Tilleul which is drunk a lot all over france and is serenely calming.

The tree itself is quite tall and elegant with clusters of beautifully fragrant yellow-white flowers, I look out for it come July though my nose tells me first!

Outside my little shop  the glorious Wisteria wafts its heavenly scent and transports me to our first holiday with our young daughter several years ago ,this sense of being transported is often commented upon in the shop, when customers share their olfactory  memories of people and places , at various times in the year particularly christmas customers will tell me they have  had a request from their teenagers for  the Bizzy Kids Bath time Soother  as they like to remember their early bath times,

The same with the labour day oil, customers will recommend it to a friend and inhale then be lost in a private  memory of that most significant day!

What an amazing thing the sensation of inhaling a fragrance/ smell/ scent is , and so powerful its effect flooding us with recollections more intensely evocative than photos or music, we are right there in that time,

Well my news is I have a fantastic new Serum/ moisturiser on offer

Daily Hydrating Serum

This beautiful serum is composed of natures most valued natural rejuvenating ingredients, combining rich marine botanical,s with plant extracts of Rose Chamomile, Fennel, Hops and Rosehip plus Hyaluronic acid , known for its ability to greatly replenish and intensely hydrate the tissues while helping to reduce fine lines and nourish the skin additional Vit A C and E provide powerful antioxidants support and help brighten   bringing a soothing velvety comfort to dry  dehydrated  or ageing skin.

Best used daily on the decolletage ,Neck and face alone or under moisturiser

10% off for the whole month of August! Suits skin age 40+ - click here to buy

Hope you enjoy the benefits

Peace and good health


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