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We keep hearing that spring is just around the corner .... But it does seem like a long road of damp cold greyness for a lot of the country !!


but having said that its being heralded by lots of lovely optimistic bird song in my neck of the woods ... And the evenings and afternoons are lighter and the fresh air is reviving cycling to work .......

The damp particularly can brings lots of aches pains heavyness of limbs and sore joints  as well as mental lethargy ..

For this the answer for me is excercise, no way around it, little and often (rather than the heart bounding eye bulging and breathless sort )
Gentle repetitive stretching to help limber up .. I have been using a daily MOBILITY BATH followed by MOBILITY BODY OIL or MOBILITY GEL
Both products are infused with Arnica plus 6 different essential oils. And I have to say the ritual of this reward really helps keep my commitment as my aches  pains are ebbing away and creaky winter joints are more flexable.

My next.....  " body is a temple philosophy,"will be to start to scrub off all those old dead cells that make our skin grey and dry for this my favourite things are BRAZILIAN LIME and ORGANIC LAVENDER SEA SALT BODY SCRUB, followed by the deliciously sensual DAMASCUS ROSE BODY CREAM .... PlusBLUEBELL HONEY Face and neck scrub, the SEAWEED AND GREEN CLAY DETOX MASK with the wonderfully rich ROSEHIP and BORAGE BALM massaged into the skin .

These combinations are a great Way to indulge in a home spa, and are not only a treat but help skin health leave your skin glowing,.... and can be repeated in the privacy of your home!

We do cater from men (in case they use yours) with the ROUGH TRADE FACE SCRUB followed by SANDALWOOD FACE CREAM.
That's all for now.

Warmest wishes , and let's hope its going to get MUCH warmer and brighter very soon!

Peace and love




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