The wind seems to be blowing in from the east today...

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The wind seems to be blowing in from the east today bringing that 'must wear more layers affirmation' and for me an accompanying canine hunger too!
I remember the Chinese pathology and Herbal medicine I studied several moons ago as winter being the season that relates to the element of water, it influences Survival and  procreation as well as, the kidneys +Bladder.
When these organs are in balance we can feel a sense of willpower, be determined, wise, resourceful and have a feeling of stamina,...when out of balance  we may feel fearful, apathetic, apprehensive, or a restless insecurity .
In the winter months it's very important to keep the feet warm and dry and ..this may sound a little odd to some but I feel a kidney warmer to be essential (this can be as simple as a wool scarf wrapped around he middle of the body just above the waistline).
Cold food is not a good idea and especially not ice in drinks.

Ginger, Juniper berry ,Thyme cedar-wood,  vetiver ,  eucalyptus,  pine , cypress and frankincense

The essential oils that are helpful to use as the temperature drops would be Ginger, Juniper berry ,Thyme cedar-wood,  vetiver ,  eucalyptus,  pine , cypress and frankincense to name a few.

Most of us have used Eucalyptus ln steam inhalation or in chest rubs as children..Magic Myrtle is a very popular blend in the Verde range specifically blended for tots to teens, dripped on the pillow or vaporised in the bedroom and if a readily prepared product is needed Children's chest rub brings great comfort.

Cypress helps when we feel fearful and cold

Cypress helps when we feel fearful and cold, Juniper berry is included in the Mobility bath treatment,  and fragile morning bath treatment, ginger, and thyme in the Vitality bath treatment, while cedar-wood is a component of the peace solution bath salts.

The mobility and Vitality also come also  body oils best used as a daily aromatherapy treatment and  applied with warm hands giving the added benefit of some sweet relaxation.... Just what we all need,  especially when stress creeps up on us to challenge our immunity!
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warmest wishes
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  • Dom Reid
    Dom Reid Thursday, 20 November 2014 21:55 Comment Link

    I know people with children in Steiner schools that have festivals at the start of each season, these remind the children that we change as the weather changes hence we need to prepare for it. It's easy to forget this when we have lives that are often too busy to allow us to notice this.

    Thanks for reminding us Ruby :) x

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