The early advancement of Christmas

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It's been profoundly noticeable here in London the swell and magnitude of the early advancement of Christmas, which certainly has become a season in itself, there is flurry, jingles and many Christmas trees visible through cheery windows festooned with sparkle and shimmer...It seemed to arrive on the 6th of November!

This time of year is particularly hard for parents of small children, especially if they cannot grasp time , and from what I overhear when the school turns out and the children pass the shop like an excited river, they seem to enquire daily just how long will it be until Christmas!

For mothers it is daunting, they are expected to  be all things to all people as well as producing fabulous food ,having shopped till they have nearly dropped, written cards,  wrapped , decorated, made decisions about who would like what AND be expected to be drop dead gorgeous and  a serene hostess too !

I heard a wonderful saying the other day "a wise woman waters her own garden first" ...just to mean of course how important it is to take as much care of ourselves as we can and a little time out daily for rest and relaxation.

So this month's offer as far as supplies will permit on any order over £40 from Sat 6th (which is small business day) until and including Sat 20th December will receive a handbag size award winning Italian Lemon Hand Cream the offer of free p&p will continue until the 5th and then be replaced by the hand cream.

I your concerned about looking gorgeous the Ginseng serum is a great skin tighten-er the Hydrating serum really helps keep the skin looking fresh, the Aloe and Rose eye gel is fabulous on puffy eyes I keep mine on the fridge and put it on  first thing while having my cup of tea.

My very favourite bath for this season is the Cinnamon and Rose Bathing Heaven.

warmest thanks for all your support and good wishes,


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