May 1st

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I was fortunate enough to visit a friend in east Sussex a week ago. I woke early on the most delightful spring morning, sunshine pouring though the window, lighting the world and bringing a sense of optimistic cheer. So I set out into the soft rolling countryside, the sweet air an olfactory delight of a heady mix of herbs, green, mossy, woody fragrances emitting from the warmth of the beautiful earth, with birds chatting and singing their glorious songs to the heavens and each other.


My mission was to collect some nettles both for soup and tincture. Nettle is a magnificent herb: full of nutrients, iron and an anti-allergic and natural anti-histamine, said to be helpful with hay-fever and a wonderful tonic and blood cleanser amongst many other things! 

Nettles remind me of my childhood in Lincolnshire and the fragrance for me is very like tomatoes. I can only say the Nettle soup was delicious and the tincture I made for my own use is turning a fabulous shade of green! 

This wonderful plant is great for treating any itchy, blotchy skin complaints and is contained in several Verde products. To name a few: 

Verde Tea Tree Gel to treat open wounds, cuts or bites; 

Verde Mobility Gel, which is invaluable to muscles and joints that are sore and stiff from sport or gardening and wonderful for arthritis and rheumatism;

Verde Burdock and Sage Face Gel - excellent for teenage skin and spotty back and shoulders.

Also, our Essential cream to soothe chaffed irritated skin and troublesome rashes; and Egyptian Chamomile cream to cool and soothe eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. 

Moving on from the magnificent nettle, other Verde products I recommend to you at this time of year are our scrubs:

Brazilian lime and lavender sea salt body scrub to slough away the grey skin cells that create dry skin and to leave the body smooth and glowing; and our Bluebell honey face and neck scrub, a perennial favourite with customers, to reveal a fresh, radiant skin. Follow with one of our facemasks to leave the skin feeling nourished and deeply cleansed.

Spring morning shower gel has a beautiful, fresh fragrance to start your day and Lemon zest shower gel is utterly uplifting and wonderfully refreshing in summer weather.

Finally, it is also the time of year for those unwelcome visitors so be ready with Verde Aromatic Moth Repel spray to keep your precious woolens and soft furnishings safe from attack and wonderfully fragrant.

I also had one last thought dedicated to those of you with hard working students in the house: Verde Clarity Head Gel is excellent for clear thinking during long hours of study and those suffering from computer exhaustion.

For further information on these and other Verde products and to place your order please go to our website at

Or call the shop on 020 7223 2095 , 10 – 5 Monday to Saturday.


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