Midsummer Newsletter

Dear Customers,

I hope you are enjoying the warm soft summer rain in between the cobalt blues skies and welcome heat of the sun! 

In this Newsletter, I want to start by telling you about my passion for SEAWEED and its important role in Verde products. On my way to work recently, I was utterly captivated by a radio 4 program about seaweed. I was excited to hear that local people on the West coast of Ireland have been gathering Seaweed by hand for millennia as part of their diet and to use medicinally. This wonderful prehistoric plant also appears in many restaurants and shops. I was simultaneously concerned on hearing that locals may in future be prevented from collecting the seaweed from their shores because a large corporation has applied for exclusive license to harvest the seaweed resource of this part of Ireland. 

Over the last thirty years, I have regularly eaten Seaweed and I used to follow a macrobiotic diet, of which Seaweed is an integral part. There is a great wealth of information about the dietary benefits of eating Seaweed: it is known to contain a wealth of vitamins and healthy minerals and important trace elements, including iodine. Seaweed is a filter in the sea and it is also known to filter and cleanse the blood. It helps maintain digestive health and may help to reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. It is said to be more potent than any other plant. 

The Japanese eat a diet rich in Seaweeds, which may account for their rich glossy hair. Scientists are also researching the anti-aging properties of Seaweed. As far back as 1904, the scientist Rene Quinton revealed that seawater had many similarities to blood plasma. Thalassotherapy (thalassa is the Greek word for sea) is widely used today as a detoxing therapy and to treat cellulite. 

Seaweed forms a wonderfully soothing, cooling demulcent gel, which protects against bacterial infection and helps maintain healthy cellular function. Used in skincare products, Seaweed is nourishing, hydrating, and regenerative and gives the products a beautiful silky-soft feel.

I have been using Seaweed and other marine botanicals in my products since I started formulated them 25 years ago. I love both the properties and the velvety texture that the Seaweed provides.


I am developing a Seaweed ‘peel off’ mask and a Seaweed-based soap, which I hope to offer you very soon.

Moving on, as summer holidays approach, we have started packing 100ml shower products, which have been popular with so many of you for travel. All the 100ml shower gels are £10. To celebrate the approaching Summer Solstice, 21st June we are offering a FREE 50ML SHOWER GEL of your choice with all orders over £50. This offer is available until 30th June. 

Finally, FATHERS DAY is fast approaching.  Verde’s Men’s Range includes a SANDALWOOD MOISTURIZING CREAM (£28.50), which is very popular with our gentlemen customers. We also have MEN’S RELAXING BATH SALTS (£18), ROUGH TRADE FACE SCRUB (£14) and our X-ES Aftershave Spritz (£13), which has a subtle citrus scent and is deliciously cooling and soothing.  Until 30 June, we are offering a FREE ‘5 O’clock Shadow Shaving Oil or a 15ml Aftershave Gel with all orders of men’s products over £50. 

With warmest gratitude 


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