It's getting to GINGER time...

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Hello dear customers !

It's getting to GINGER  time with the cool easterly wind that's sweeping the streets and causing the trees to dance here in London!


GINGER tea is a wonderful warmer of the whole system, used for centuries as a spice but also medicinally an invigorating root that helps digestion, the best for  colds and chills restores the Yang energy in Chinese medicine , externally helps with muscle fatigue, and said to tone the kidneys.... it certainly helps  me when my energy drops.

With the changing of the season we are so blessed to have all sorts of essential oils that are decongestant  and anti bacterial, as is the Melaleuca family of essential oils  including TEA TREE NIAOULI AND CAJUPUT, which are particularly efficient at helping support the immunity system used in the bath or steam inhalation . These are some of the ingredients in the ever do popular FRAGRANT WARRIOR, both SPRAY, BLEND and BATH SALTS.

MOBILITY  GEL , BATH OR BODY OIL ,with the addition of miraculous ARNICA help to get us moving when the cooler months bring the unwelcome aches and pains  to our joints and muscles.

For children's Snuffles MAGIC MYRTLE is a specific, dripped on the pillow or vaporised into their bedrooms, CHILDRENS CHEST COMFORTER  is ready made to massage with warm hands to chest and back  to help during the winter months.

The ROSEHIP AND BORAGE BALM is my choice when the winds and cold air challenge my skin, it is VERY protective so some of my customers use it before walking their dog, other people who work outdoors swear by it.  I always take it away with me as it can be used to deeply cleanse my skin as well as a skin food it can also be used as a lip balm.

I am trying to keep it short .... I realize the newsletter/blogs can be a bit lengthy, but there is so much to say  about the incredible plant oils 

so just one last thing ;

The DAILY HYDRATING SERUM contains generous amounts of HYALURONIC ACID, a wonderful ingredient that is also called" The fountain of youth" that resides in the collagen normally,  but lessens with age. This helps keep the skin plumped and with the help of VIT C and the blend of ROSE LAVENDER and ROSEMARY is simply a fabulous gift of nature to  50+ skin! Hurrah!

Warmest gratitude and  many thanks for your loyalty and support as always 



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