September Newsletter

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Dear Customers


I hope you have had a wonderful summer..... and, with August quite wet, an Indian summer would be welcome!

September is a time of settling back into a routine of fresh beginnings and preparations for a new season .

All changes in season affect how we feel as well as how our skin reacts. In summer our skin is hydrated more because we pay more attention to it washing and moisturizing more frequently, cleansing, spritzing with botanical hydrosols etc. All this means we actually massage it more which greatly helps lymphatic drainage and circulation.

Maintain the summer bloom by getting into the habit of deeper cleansing, using a weekly mask to draw out impurities and anointing face and body with Aromatherapy treatment oils. All massage helps the energy of the body, dispelling stagnation and contributing towards a greater feeling of well-being as we move towards Autumn.


To ease you into the new season, we have special offers for you on the following products:

Bluebell honey scrub 60ml - £13.60 (normally £16)

Seaweed and green clay mask, Rejuvenating mask, Rose petal and clay mask 60ml - £13.60 (normally £16)

Mobility, Relaxing and Vitality body oils 100ml - £12.75 (normally £15)

All shower gels 250ml - £14.45 (normally £17)

Phyto Shampoo 250ml - £14.45 (normally £17)

Lavender and aloe vera body milk 250ml - £19.55 (normally £23)

Tranquility body milk 250ml - £19.55 (normally £23)


All these sale prices have been applied to the products on our website. 

The offer will run until Friday 22nd September.

With warmest regards and kind appreciation 


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