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We realise that as well as the personal time we have with people within our shop, there are other places that we can communicate with you as well, so let us take you through this now so that we can take the conversation everywhere.


Facebook works well on your mobile which means we can easily tell you about latest products and offers we have at Verde. What is also important is that we can help you through the year, when skies are blue we can remind you to pop on the lotion, when the air is crisp we'll moisturise your skin, when love is in the air we can tell you about fragrances for your bath or about things that can make your eyes sparkle, so click here and say hi on Facebook. 


Twitter is a tool that is about more of a conversation than Facebook, so feel free to say how you enjoyed the Verde product and answer other people who are asking questions about what is available right now. Occasionally Ruby will get into the conversation too when she isn't busy talking to people in the shop! Click here to go to Verde on Twitter.


 Pinterest is a new interest for us, with the ability for people to have updates about things they are interested in we can help with subjects such as health, beauty, skin care etc etc, so we'll figure out in the coming months how to work this social media platform. Come and view us at Pinterest by clicking here here..


We put up images and details about blog posts here, but it's not the most diverse Social Media forum yet, but keep tuned if it's your thing. Click here to see our posts.


We're making a video about our shop, how to plan your beauty and romantic interludes using Verde to guide and help you. We'll tell you when we're done by popping it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ so sign up to Verde there now.


We think that you become the experts after visiting us for a while, so why not talk to each other about how you find Verde helping you get through good and times that are testing, so we'll get a forum up and running ASAP. 

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